What Is Product Management And How To Start?

In this video you will learn what product management is and why is it a growing role in the marketplace.

You'll watch Justin Ziccardi talk about Product Management, a rapidly evolving discipline that, according to was the highest paid tech role of 2018.

Product Management

A detailed guide to learn about product management.

A curated list of awesome resources for product/program managers to learn and grow.

Project Management - The Futur

This course will help you learn how to:

  • How to Break Down Projects?

  • How to Manage Your Clients?

  • Tips to - Get Your Work Done on Time.

  • How To Give Feedback To Teams That Empower & Engage Creativity?

  • How To Talk To Clients That Use Abstract & Unclear Language? And much more.

Kanban VS Scrum

In this video, you will learn about two popular product management frameworks "Kanban" and "Scrum", their pros and cons, and the flexibility they possess.

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