Personalized Marketing

In this playlist, you'll learn personalized marketing strategies with examples to help you make your audience react with marketing personalization.

5-Step Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

The goal of this article is to simplify this huge topic into a digestible guide full of insights from top marketing experts.

5-Step Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business Preview

Author : Alexa Collins - shopify

Marketing Examples

A gallery of finest real world marketing examples from successful companies

Marketing Examples Preview

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How To Estimate Market Size? (TAM or Total Addressable Market)

This video will help you learn basic definition of TAM, what are the most common mistakes made while calculating and presenting this to investors, and how to estimate it properly?

3 Simple Steps To Price Your Product

This guide covers everything you need to know about how to price a product, and also goes over important components of an effective pricing strategy and popular pricing models used in business today.

3 Simple steps to price your product Preview Preview

Author : Desirae Odjick - shopify

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