TED Talks

Free software, free society

Richard Stallman at TEDxGeneva 2014

In this talk, he founder of Free Software movement Richard Stallman describes how nonfree programs give companies control of their users and what users can do in order to recover control over their computing.

Civilization starter kit

Marcin Jakubowski at TEDxKC 2011

Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing a set of blueprints for 50 farming tools that can be built cheaply from scratch. Call it a "civilization starter kit," Marcin believes that by opening the means of production, we can achieve abundance for all.

How Open Hardware will Take Over the World

Nathan Seidle at TEDxBoulder 2013

Join Nathan as he guides you through the world of patents, how long it really takes copycat products to appear in the marketplace, and show you how sharing can truly build profitable, growing companies.