Writing Your Pitch Narrative

Writing Your Pitch Narrative Preview

Remember the last dry presentation you heard? A monotonous voice. Rambling thoughts. Confusing transitions.

Crafting a great pitch narrative is no easy feat. When there’s so much information you could include, it can be all too easy to throw a number on a slide and say, “Here’s our market size.” Or add a screenshot and note, “Here’s our product.” But that’s when your pitch can get dull (and doesn’t stand out).

To prevent your pitch from turning into a snooze fest, tell it as a compelling story. Who is your protagonist? What challenges are they overcoming? How will they accomplish this? Where’s the emotion?

How to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors

In this video, Slidebean's Kaya dig deep into the standard pitch deck outline most companies are using these days, and they give you some guidance as to what information and in what format should be included on your document.

How to Give a Perfect Investor Pitch

How to Give a Perfect Investor Pitch Preview

You have to build your pitch on the reality of your business plan. Ultimately, it’s not about the slides you show or the words you use. It’s about you, your team, your value proposition, and your business strategy.