What Makes A Logo Great & Iconic?

What is a good logo? What is a bad logo? A logo is not communication. It's identification. It's the period at the end of sentence and not the sentence. How do you create a simple but not generic logo? Should a logo be complicated? How can you justify the price of a simple logo? Is a simple logo easy or hard to create? How can you make a timeless logo?

Logos are never love at first sight. It takes time to develop. A trademark gains meaning and power over time.

Logo Design

Learn how to design beautiful and noteworthy logos. It has all the video content, course material, and tools to help you perfect your logo designs and process

Logo Design Preview

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Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols & trademarks.

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Website                           Description
Instant Logo SearchThousands of free brands logos ( SVG - PNG )
LogoSear.chSearch engine with over 200,000 SVG logos indexed
Browser LogosHigh resolution web browser logos
VectorLogoZoneConsistently formatted SVG logos
World Vector LogoDownload vector logos of brands you love
Logo MakerCreate custom logos
Namecheap Logo MakerCreate and download custom Logos for free
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