Thank you for considering to contribute resources to our website!

With your help, we can build a library of useful online resources for people worldwide to benefit from!



The following flow chart briefly describes how you can contribute!

Still confused?
Dont worry, we have got you covered with a detailed guide with steps you can follow. We can also help you out on Discord if you get stuck!

Detailed Guide

Read our detailed contributing guide

Step 1

Visit our resources repository.

Step 2

Create new branch

Step 3

Name the new branch.The name of the branch should be in lower case letters, try to keep it precise and to the point.

In our example, we named the new branch "example"

After naming the branch click Create branch

Step 4

Open in Gitpod or clone locally.Before launching Gitpod make sure you are in the same branch as you have created earlier.

Gitpod is an online IDE which can be launched from any GitHub page. Within seconds, Gitpod provides you with a fully working developer environment, including a VS Code-powered IDE.

Step 5

After launching gitpod type yarn command to install all the depedencies.

Step 6

Then type yarn dev

Step 7

Press y to answer the question.

Step 8

By selecting Open Browser it will open another tab for you where one can see how the content is rendered on website.

Step 9

On the left side of the gitpod IDE by clicking on content you will see a list of categories.

Each category has several pages. We will leave it up to you to explore them and decide where you want to share your knowledge.

But if you want to create another category / page please go the next step.

Step 10

For New Page

  1. First select the category and then by clicking right on it select the New File option.
  2. The name of the file should be lower case with no spaces but only hyphens and with .md extension .e.g

For New Category

  1. Click right on en and then select New Folder option.
  2. The name of the folder should be lower case with no spaces but only hyphens.
  3. And then to create the page same procedure is followed as mentioned above.

Step 11

If you share your resources on a page that already exists then you dont have to worry about title, description and position of the page.

But for a New Page you need to understand these.

  • title: name of the page.
  • description: We're compiling a library of useful ___ from around the Internet to help you on your software journey!
  • position: position of the page
  • category: name of the category

  • For Headings, we use ## and then with a space name the heading
  • We use the CtaButton.vue component to draw users to important links.
  • We use the YoutubeVideo.vue component to embed Youtube videos so that they remain responsive!

Step 12

After writing all the content. Click on ths button. It will also show the number of changes you have made.

Step 13

  1. Click on + to stage of changes
  2. Click on check mark to commit

Step 14

The commit message should describe what changes your commit makes to the behavior of the code. It should be short and to the point. e.g. If you have added a new page to the website the commit message should say "Update: New page (name of the page) is added"

And then hit enter.

Step 15

  1. Click on the three dots which will show you a drop down menu
  2. Then hit push.
  3. Now you have successfully commit the changes and push them to your branch.

Step 16

Now create a Merge Request.

Step 17

  1. Fill the title and the description sections.
  2. Add the Stage: Inspection Label
  3. Click the Create merge request button
We will review your work and get back to you!